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Vermedalen hunt 

The terrain lies partly in the Reinheimen National Park and in the Romsdalen landscape conservation area. Wilderness, varied mountain areas, expanses and dramatic landscape characterize the national park. In addition, you will find the original mountain ecosystem in this area such as wild reindeer, wolverines, golden eagles, hunting falcons and grouse. The terrain is dramatic and magical - and it stretches from 200 to 1400 meters above sea level. The area is known for the old wild reindeer hunting. Here you can find remains of old settlements for hunters and trappers.

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ut  2027

Vermedalen jakt og fiske
Villmark, fjellområder, romsdal jakt og fiske
rådyr vermedalen jakt
Vermedalen jakt_Villmark, varierte fjellområder
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Vermedalen hunting area

The area is divided into two fields: Vermedalen Nord and Vermedalen Sør. Jappreciable area of the former field approx. 25,000 decares. The hunting grounds are very good grouse grounds. 

We are a couple of landowners who rent out hunting ground. Hunting grounds with a good population of moose and deer. The population of deer is per now slightly reduced. 

Elk, deer and roe deer hunting is carried out on our hunting terrain, which is approximately 55,000 acres of exciting hunting areas in scenic surroundings.  We have several reindeer cards. Reindeer hunting is practiced in the common area with Lesja, which is about 40 km from Verma.

Hunters on the south side can stay at the cabin Tverråa South, on North side - at the cabin Stølen Nord.

vermedalen jakt område
Vermedalen jakt

Vermedalen hunting rules and quotas

  • Hunting time from 10 September to 01 October

  • Up to 6 rifles are allowed per field. The hunt leader is responsible for giving the name and address of all the hunters who will be hunting in the terrain, in the individual year. This is so that we have control that hunters are allowed to hunt / the hunter's fee has been paid and that dogs to be used have an approved aversion certificate /dog, sheep/

  • All catches must be reported to us.

  • Number of weapons: up to 6 per field

  • ​Number of dogs: up to 6 per field


​Jakquotas apply on both the North and South sides:

  • 2 -3 moose

  • 6 -7 deer

  • 6 reindeer

  • 16 deer

  • 30 grouse per week per field

  • 1 hare per week per field

All  jakt  fullbooket  ut  2027

Vermedalen jakt villmark jeger

We also offer excellent fishing after salmon or trout in the mountains or in the lowlands.

You can also have a great holiday or overnightstay glamping.

For booking and price contact us!

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